Model 1 Tri-Gas Incubator

This product has been upgraded to a new model. Click below for our new tri-gas incubator, IRIS.

From basic cell culture to crazy ideas, anything is possible with the Model 1 Tri-Gas.

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Incuvers model 1 tri-gas incubator
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Custom Conditions

Program customized CO2, O2, and temperature levels and protocols

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Benchtop Incubator

Bring this under 20 Lb personal incubator anywhere you want

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Open Source

Hack your incubator with its Arduino board and code on Github

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Hypoxia Control

Control oxygen concentration for better cell viability and hypoxia

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The Most Affordable Solution for Hypoxic Cell Culture

Model 1 Tri-Gas Incubator Uses

The ideal cell culture incubator for:

  • Proof of Concept for Hypoxic Experiments
  • Optimal Growth in General Cell Culture
  • Stem Cell Propagation/Differentiation
  • Simulating Tumor Microenvironments
  • Stroke Simulation in Cell Culture
  • Cell Culture Automation
  • Circadian Rhythms
  • Immunotherapy Drug Testing
  • Chronotherapy
  • Bioart Exibiting
Incuvers tri-gas incubator
open source co2 incubator

Program Your Conditions

Automate any and all changes to the environment, including CO2, temperature, and O2 levels.

  • Simulate ischemic events, hypoxia, and heat shock
  • Automate temperature and light cycles to simulate circadian rhythms
  • Ramp, fluctuate, and stabilize conditions independently
  • Find all code available on GitHub

Hypoxia Incubator

The Model 1 Tri-Gas controls oxygen concentration for better cell viability and performing hypoxia experiments.

  • Provides 1 - 21% oxygen range with 0.1% resolution
  • Simulate ischemic events in cell cultures
  • High-resolution fluorescent quenching technology for O2 measurements
  • No re-calibration required
Incuvers hypoxic CO2 incubator
Incuvers Arduino board

Open Source

The Model 1 Tri-Gas is built to be hacked and can be easily integrated into any experiment.

  • Easily modifiable and completely modular through its open firmware Arduino system
  • Connect and program sensors such as lighting systems and microscopes with its easy access port
  • Code available on GitHub

Personal Size

At just 10 L and under 20 Lbs, the Model 1 is portable and compact, so every researcher can have their own.

  • Maintain stable conditions by preventing constant opening and closing
  • Prevent cross-contamination
  • Easily fit in your lab, no matter how crowded
  • Portable for working in the field
small hypoxic incubator with hand

Additional Features & Add-ons

cell incubator environment data

Real-Time Data Logging

Formulating hypotheses and performing experiments means nothing if you don't have records of it all. With our open platform, you can directly monitor and store the history of your experimental conditions.

LED Lighting (Add-On)

Whether you're performing photo light therapy experiments or regulating the breeding cycles of zebrafish, the Model 1 can light it all. Open access to the program means you can specify any light cycling or patterning for your experiment. Interested? Contact us to learn more.

LED lights

What Our Customers Say

How Dr. Dylan Burger of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute reduced CO2 usage, improved student training in his lab, minimized contamination, and started working with hypoxia at an affordable cost.

Read Dr. Burger's Case Study

Learn More about the New Model

Tri-Gas Incubators
with Live Cell Imaging

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IRIS live cell imaging incubator




Gas Supply

Power Supply

Electrical System

External Dimensions
Internal Dimensions
Chamber Volume
‍Weight (w/ shelving)

Temperature Control Range

H2O Sensor Model
Water Quantity

Gas Purity
Tank Pressure
Measure and Control Range

Control Deviation
Recovery Time @ 5%
O2 Sensor Model
CO2 Sensor Model

Source Voltage
Rated Frequency
Rated Current
Rated Protection

Rated Voltage
Rated Current

9.8" x 9.8" x 15.7"
8.6" x 9.0" x 7.8"
10 L
7.6" x 5.9"
18.3 Lbs

Room Temperature - 50 ℃

GSS ExplorIR - W
200 ml

Medical grade
5-10 PSI
CO2 (ambient - 21%)
O2 (1% - ambient)
CO2 (<3 min)   O2 (<5 min)
± 70 pmm
LuminOx Optical Oxygen
GSS ExplorIR - W
110 - 220 V
50-60 Hz
1.5 A
12V DC
5 A‍

Find all technical specification in the Model 1 Tri-Gas Incubator brochure.

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