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"Does IRIS have a moveable stage?"

The first generation of IRIS has a single field of view.

"What are automated protocols?"

Automated protocols give you the ability to automate cycles, fluctuations, and stable levels of CO2, temperature, and O2 within IRIS over any given period of time. This makes experiments involving hypoxia, heat shock, and ischemia easy to perform, explore, and reproduce.

"How do I access my videos on IRIS?"

All videos are stored in the same location in the cloud on your Incuvers account.

"What if my lab's WiFi crashes? Will I lose my experiment?"

Nope. Every IRIS system has a local backup installed, so that even if wifi goes down, your experiments will continue recording.

"How do I move the dish inside of IRIS?"

There's no need to move the dish by hand. There is a control knob that allows for precise adjustments to your cultures.

"What magnification is the imaging?"

IRIS provides 20x imaging.

"Can IRIS do fluorescent imaging?"

Yes, IRIS provides 488nm Green fluorescence (GFP).

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Model 1 Tri-Gas

"My lab is packed full of equipment. How big is it?"

It is the most compact CO2 incubator on the market. At 6.6L and less than 20 Lbs, it fits easily within any lab, no matter how cluttered.

"Can I connect a lighting system to the incubator?"

Yes, with its Arduino open firmware system, you can connect and program any sensors. This includes lights, cameras, or anything else you want to integrate. You can also purchase your Model 1 Tri-Gas with a lighting system already integrated.

"Can it refrigerate?"

We employ passive cooling in the Model 1 Tri-Gas, but we do have a multipurpose access port through which refrigeration coils can be connected.

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