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Incuvers’ vision is to provide researchers around the globe with an open community to share experiments and protocols in real-time. Incuvers optimizes reproducibility and productivity by driving automation and collaboration resulting in the next generation of discoveries.

Our Mission

Incuvers’ mission is to connect scientists around the world using the world’s first SMART biological incubator. IRIS is a revolutionary new platform that allows researchers to visualize and analyze cell culture in real-time on both desktop and mobile platforms.

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"To Visualize, Connect, and Explore Every Moment of Cellular Research to Accelerate Discovery"

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The future of Incuvers is a platform connecting all of the world's cellular researchers through IoT and Data-driven community. IRIS isn't just a space to grow cells; it becomes scientists' virtual lab assistant and a point of connection within a global network of likeminded researchers.

Letter from the CEO

The jounrney of developing IRIS, the vision of Incuvers, and our responsibility to the community.

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Leadership and Talents

A cross-disciplinary team composed of talents with diverse science background, all working together to drive the future of life-changing scientific discovery.

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