WEBINAR: Introducing IRIS: Smart Incubators with Live Imaging

Sebastian Hadjiantoniou, Ph. D.

May 12

cell culture on microscope

Join Dr. Sebestian Hadjiantoniou (founder and CEO of Incuvers) as he introduces IRIS from Incuvers. IRIS is an all-in-one incubation and imaging system from Incuvers. Researchers can remotely visualize and receive live notifications on the status of their experiments, giving them real time insights into how their cells are growing. Incuvers’ mission is to connect every scientist around the world by bringing cell culture online.

Attend to learn how IRIS can:

About the Presenter

Sebastian Hadjiantoniou, Ph.D.
CEO & Founder of Incuvers

Sebastian acquired his MSc in neuroscience from Kings College London and his PhD in cell biology from the University of Ottawa. He's driven by how connecting cell biologists around the world in real time will drive the next generation of discoveries. He's also an avid ultra long distance cyclist and has an undying love for captain Jean-Luc Picard.

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