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Gas Prices Keeping You Down?

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Samuel Sandoval-
Director of Marketing

April 28, 2021

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One of the many ongoing issues that plague all labs is: how do I keep my lab costs down?

As all researchers know, there is an immense amount of money that is spent monthly to keep a lab running. There are infrequent but expensive costs like microscopes and imaging equipment. Then there are more common expenses like; core user fees, consumables (pipette tips, gloves, reagents etc.)

One of the most common lab costs are compressed gas cylinders. These compressed gasses can be used for different equipment found throughout the lab. They are commonly used for incubators, fume hoods, oxygenating media, and many other applications.

With labs having use for gas cylinders for multiple pieces of equipment, it makes sense that the rate of consumption is extremely high. In this article we will look at consumption of gas from modern incubators and how IRIS can end up saving you money.

Conventional Incubators

Most conventional incubators don't have the option of maintaining hypoxic environments, or if they do it's very expensive.

For example, in Dr. Dylan Burger’s lab at University of Ottawa, they use hypoxia in modeling cell culture to mimic a phenomenon in the body which is called ischemia. IRIS from Incuvers, provides a great solution for their lab because most hypoxia chambers are large and tend to use up a lot of compressed gas to maintain the hypoxia levels that they require.

Dr. Burger states “a lot of nitrogen is needed to purge the system of oxygen after every experiment and so you're going through a tank or two every time you run your experiment. The smaller chambers, like IRIS, being so airtight, work really well for this purpose. Generally speaking, you're not doing hypoxic studies on large volumes of cells, some people do it because of the way the hypoxic chambers are set up but generally speaking it’s a small experiment so you do not need a large profile.”

With most incubators, the running costs exceed the purchase price over time. Costs like, new filters, gas tanks and even the loss of lab space can really take a toll. With labs looking to save money in every corner, lets take a look at how IRIS can save you valuable lab dollars.


With IRIS you are in full control of how much O2, CO2 or N2 is needed. You can design your own environmental protocol, simulate events, set up experiments to cycle, fluctuate, or maintain environmental conditions.

This design protocol allows you to plan in advance and make sure that you are not losing an ounce of resources. With its small size and footprint, even running new experiments won’t use up the amount of CO2 an N2 as other comparable systems.

To visualize IRIS in your lab, contact us for a free 3Dvirtual demo today.

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